Saturday, 8 April 2017

Tiptoe through the tulips

You may or may not be familiar with the Tiny Tim song (title of which is the same as this post), and if you are it's probably because you saw that horror film it's in (can't remember which).  That's a real shame because I love that song.  It's silly and happy and makes me smile because I tend to avoid horror films and all the lovely little songs they ruin.  So if you don't know the song, go look it up :) Anyway...

It's April! And the tulips are out!  Not all but most.

The first to appear was Apricot Beauty and what a beauty she was! She's dropped most of her petals now sadly, but here's a photo of her with her equally gorgeous friend, Spring Green.

Spring Green is I hear a reliable perennial who will come back to grace your garden year after year.  Hope so!

Ms Green also had some other companions today...

Yes here she is with her more than sophisticated friends, La Belle Epoque (far right) and Mistress Grey (centre).  The white Narcissus 'Thalia' joined them here too. They insisted on some individual shots of their own:

La Belle Epoque

Mistress Grey
All are friends of the dark and handsome (but not tall) Black Hero.  Here he is whispering sweet nothing to La Belle Epoque.

And now photobombing Spring Green's close up...

He is a cheeky one but a charmer none the less.

Spring Green, Black Hero and La Belle Epoque
When Black Hero and Mistress Grey are feeling a bit more like letting their hair down, they love to join the company of the pink crowd.  Here they are with Royal Acres (back centre) and Antraciet (front centre) and also a mystery guest...

'Who's this mystery guest?' you ask.

Well to be honest, I'm not quite sure...

The invite said 'Red Spring Green' but this lady is looking a lot more magenta than red and not quite the figure I imagined either... did Sarah Raven (whose online tulip sale these all came from) get it wrong??

Red Spring Green? Doll's Minuet? Sarah Raven herself??
Who knows! But she's a welcome guest here all the same.  A beautiful contrast to our double flowered friends below:

Royal Acres


That's eight so far.  

Next, the oranges, the more vibrant of whom love a colourful fiesta with the pinks. Here's HRH Princess Orange (front right) and the famous Ballerina (left):

Forgive the treason, but I have to say that as Orange Princess can't help but be so showy I really think she is much better suited to a floral display than in the flowerbed.  

She is also a little dumpy, certainly the shortest of the lot, and so if you do invite her home, grow her in a pot where she can have your undivided attention.  Keep her at eye level too.  She doesn't like being looked down upon! (That's not just a pun, she looks messy from above and so does Anthracite.  They look much better at eye level).

Orange Princess
Dainty Ballerina is much smaller than i had imagined but pretty all the same.

Ballerina is certainly the prettiest shade of all the oranges.  She is the brightest whilst many of the others have more brown tones.  Annie Schilder is also bright and pretty with pink tones.

Annie Schilder
On to the brown oranges...

Here's Cairo with the tall and majestic deep red Ronaldo (Ronaldo is also a good match for Spring Green).  One Ballerina also snuck into the middle here.

Then there is Bruine Wimpel who I have to admit I am not sure about at all.

Bruine Wimpel is such an unusual colour the petals are almost metallic.  I'm concluding perhaps he is another better suited to the vase than the garden.

Finally, we have Request who is another strange yellowy brown one.

La Belle Epoque brings out Request's orange side perhaps...

So there you are.

Still to come (to flower) is 

Groenland, Havran and Typhoon!

Thanks for tiptoeing through the tulips with me ;)


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