Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Guess who's back?

After hiding in a gutter for many a year, I am back here, writing, to you (too many commas, Sophie).

I suddenly realised I do enjoy writing more than hiding, as much as hide and seek is fun...

I also love gardening, as in I am totally obsessed... and art and design and general creativity.  Good thing I'm a garden designing landscape architect really!

So here I am to add to the great pool of knowledge so at least if I do suddenly drop dead, it won't be for nothing as I will have left behind some great tips e.g.  how to deal with ASBO squirrels and what lots of plants look like when they're not flowering (something Google will never normally show, just like how we never see celebrities without a bit of airbrushing).

I do hope someone other than me has a good laugh reading this back anyway. Have fun :)

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