Wednesday, 27 February 2013


The key for our group ecological habitat map.  I think I'd paint my room in 'Wet Woodland.'

There is some absolutely amazing stuff on Colossal at the moment:

Takahiro Iwasaki

 Noell S. Oszvald


I'm playing with fonts.  This is 'Eccentric Std Regular.'  I got some old graphic design books out of the library today to have a look at.  They were published in 1991, so they're as old as I am, but the principles of visual communication remain the same whether you're using Adobe Illustrator CS6 or a potato.  The plan is to get inspired and do my work justice, to make it look as amazing as it feels in my brain, to pass on that jolt of inspiration...

By the way, check out what I just found:

Probably the most beautiful shopping list you'll ever see, by graphic designer Seb Lester.

This 'To Do' list (also Seb Lester) is beautiful too:

Monday, 25 February 2013

Diary Doodles

Some amusing, but terrible quality, images of mostly urban ecology related doodles from my diary (I will scan them instead when I can)


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