Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Painting an Edible Landscape

How I painted this:

I took a photo of my model and painted it from that:

The person was too creepy so I painted them out

  But something had to be in the foreground!

Building an Edible Landscape Food Sculpture

How I made this:

Here is the process of how I built my model, a quite literally edible landscape on a plate, for my end of course landscape exhibition.

First I made these mini veg out of icing, inspired by icing roses but made green instead so they resemble lettuces.

The mini icing lettuces next to a real lettuce:

My first experiment making tree branches out of Curly Wurlys (a Cadbury's chocolate bar that has caramel on the inside and chocolate on the out):

I realised my first mini lettuces were too big so I made much smaller ones.  Here they are sitting in cocoa powder soil:

A new tree branch made of caramel:

Caramel tree branches set to cool:

Caramel branches stuck together to make a tree:

The layout coming together (with mini cauliflowers added)...

The base set onto the plate, made of solid royal icing with the trees stuck in.  The branches started to break :-/

Laying the brick paths with each brick being a cut piece of cola lace:

More brick laying and planting tryouts:

Adding the cocoa soil:

With the plants and green grass icing added (not green enough)

Top view
The finished product.  I painted over the icing with food colouring.  The tops of the trees are more icing wrapped around polystyrene (the ONLY inedible part).  I had originally tried to use candy floss (cotton candy) but it crystallises and kind of melts when exposed to air. 

This model was to demonstrate how everything we eat comes from the land, showing we are inextricably connected, something we often forget.  We don't just eat food, we eat the landscape.

Garden Design Drawing Process

I've been doing a garden design lately.  Here are some before and afters of the SketchUp model to the hand drawing (done with a tablet which is absolutely AMAZING and God I with I'd had one at uni!)

So I drew the design in SketchUp, exported a jpeg image to Photoshop then used the tablet to trace over it.






Monday, 12 August 2013


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