Monday, 10 December 2012

Thursday, 6 December 2012

CAD Trees!

inspiration from the internet

Industrial Design Drawings

I'm looking at these because I think it would be interesting to use this style, in some way, in my landscape design graphics for Trafford Park to link to the industry of the site.

thin lines
line drawings
black and white/grey scale

Landscape Visualisation Inspiration

Most of these are from GROSS MAX.  And most are photo montages because that's what everyone seems to like (though I'm a bit bored of them).

^Lovely hand drawing :)

Landscape Plan Drawing Inspiration

From various internet sources

And someone's drawing of a guy with a master plan:

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Car Park Park

The other day I was thinking about how uninspiring car parks are so I came up with the idea of a car park park - a park where you can park your car too.  I wondered if anyone had thought of this before and after a search I found this crazy car park design idea:

'following in the theme of color and pattern like henrik amberla's 'parking in rainbows'
'PARKing' - urban flowers by ittai ilani and adva noach from israel is another one of the 
66 shortlisted entries of designboom's 'think outside the parking box' competition 
in collaboration with nissan.

'PARKing' is a public area based on the idea that a car is an urban flower. like a flower, 
cars have their own unique shape and color. this is a parking lot in which cars navigate
themselves to designated parking areas according to their color. the result is a colorful 
versailles garden-like pattern. alongside the parking spots, there is also a open green area
to make the parking experience more enjoyable. PARKing perceives the car as part of a whole 
urban complex, using it to create a symbolic decorative city element.'

From Design Boom


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