Monday, 30 July 2012

Cross Sections!

My beautiful cross sections :) Well, parts of the cross sections.  I've had to zoom in so you can get the detail.  It's amazing how much people/characters bring a place to life!

Because I like to make life hard for myself everything here has been drawn from scratch.  My labour of love.  I hope you like.
Boy walking through the trees

 The communal courtyard gardens

Girl and car in front of house

 Dog walker and kids playing

Romantic cherry trees

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Best bits from the Olympics opening ceremony

The opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics last night was amazing.  I'm sure everyone watched it but these are my four personal favourite parts:

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Cross Sections

So here's how my baby's looking (1:200 plan @A1).  Still need to add spot heights, drainage info and shadows.  The shadows are going to be a pain so I'm leaving them til last. But all the trees and textures etc are in! Woo!

And now today I've been doing the cross section.  1:200 scale again.  Below are some images I found on the Internet to inspire me:

And here's how mine are looking so far.  They're just two parts of the second cross section I'm showing here:

I've been keeping to the child's drawing theme (in a hopefully artistic and non crude way) with bright, happy colours because this is a bright, happy community!  So I've been drawing the trees (and cars and people) in Paint again and then pasting them over.  Yes, it's the hard way but I think it gives it so much more character. I'm hoping to finish these by the end of today :S

Or maybe I should have real people and cars with drawn vegetation to make a contrast...  We shall see

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

My Mum's creepy puppet has a grand day out in the garden

This is my mum's creepy puppet she made years ago.  He lives in the garden shed where can be seen wistfully gazing out the window. (He had been banished there for being too creepy).

I've named him Geoffrey.

Look at that miserable face.  He needed a day out.

That's more like it!

Going for a stroll...

Nice having time to stop and smell the roses.

Good day was it, Geoffrey?

Tattoo Design

This is my just completed tattoo design for a friend (not for me, my mother would disown me).  I did several variations for her but this is the one she chose.  Below is the photo she gave me as a starting point, saying she wanted the sunflower and then the initials 'H.P.' incorporated into it (not for Harry Potter apparently).  I just said to her it's a big compliment being asked to design something that's going to be permanently etched into her skin. Can't wait to see the results!

1. Ideas drawn in Microsoft Paint

2. Hand drawn and scanned semi-finals

3. Edited no. 2 in Photoshop. The final one is symmetrical:

P.S. I found this when googling tattoo images for ideas.  Thought it was landscape appropriate:

Ha ha!! XD

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Beautiful Earrings

I believe these are pretty enough to show off on here.  Car boot sale - £1!! :D

Friday, 20 July 2012


There's still lots (of trees) to go in but it's really starting to come together at last.

[Sustainable Communities_Detailed Design_1:200 Plan]

Scots Pine

Copper Beech

drawn in Paint ;)


I've been jumping between my planting plan and rendering my AutoCAD drawing for the Sustainable Communities Project (still.  I have an extension after falling on my head 2 months ago).  After many attempts I gave up trying to draw trees on Photoshop.  The brushes weren't doing what I wanted so I had a go on Paint instead where I used the wax crayon brush (I love you Paint):

I then copied and pasted them into Photoshop and added shadows:

You might think (and my tutors will probably tell me) that this looks really crude but I kind of like it.  It looks like the place is made of paper and kids' drawing materials (which it is virtually I suppose) but this gives a family, community feel and that's what the area is all about:  community and the cutting and pasting together of many different types of people to make a harmonious living space.

So we'll see where this goes...

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Do Your Best

"Do your best everyday like there is no second chance.  In fact, there may be none.  You just gotta do your best in the first try.  If you don’t, there will always be someone hungrier who are willing to take your place."

 - Pocco Kobkongsanti, Landscape Architect.

From Land8Lounge interview

Landaan (London)

In the 1700s section of the Victoria&Albert Museum:


Installation at the V&A by Heatherwick Studios with S3i:

Clever how repetition of one everyday object can create such an impact.

'S3i suspended 208 white traffic cones as a canopy to the main entrance. The bollards were suspended using a mixture of 6mm and 12mm stainless steel wire rope.'

The Albert Memorial:

One of the floating crystal chandeliers in the restaurant, without any branches.  Clever, I thought:


In the Royal Albert Hall:

And what's this?  A shared surface street? :O Madness!

(It seemed to work.  Something for the journal...)


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