Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Drawings 1

Despite working all day every day this week I've resolved to do a couple of drawings each evening.  These are for my journal, from All Saints Park in Manchester (had to photograph them):

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Landscaped Nails

A gem from land8lounge's facebook :)


Manchester School of Art Degree Show

This is a selection of my favourite pieces of work from the MMU degree show which I visited on Monday.  I was much more impressed by the textiles/fashion/3D design work than the architecture part of the show.  I think the architecture part had the potential to be much more exciting and stimulating for the viewers.  I know I for one could not be bothered to stand and read all the text that went with the designs *yawn* There must be a simpler and more exciting way for us, architecture and landscape students, to communicate our ideas so I'm taking inspiration...

link to the degree show website:

Anna Paton McGilphttp://annamcgilp.blogspot.co.uk/

I want this cushion!

Sophie Ho - http://www.sophiehoknit.moonfruit.com/#/gallery/4564335574

Eve Hortonhttp://yourheartyoursleeve.tumblr.com/

I totally fell in love with the drama and fantasy side of Eve's work.  It's amazing what good photography can do for a garment, creating a whole story around it.

Another picture of Eve's work from her blog:

Vicky Mellorhttp://vickymellor1990.wix.com/ladyv

A really cute selection of wrapping paper and quirky textile birds.

Kate Stoorhttp://www.katestoordesigns.com/

Again the beautiful photography here adds so much to these gorgeous angelic collars.

Katherine Leeshttp://www.facebook.com/KatherineLeesCeramics

A friend of mine :) I love how she combines ceramics and jewellery so you can wear parts of her pottery work.

The bird on the top of this pot doubles as a brooch:

Friday, 15 June 2012

Marilyn Monroe

Chalk pastel on black paper drawing for my house mate (belated birthday present).

Process (3hrs approx):

Monday, 4 June 2012

Mark Mawson

Mark Mawson is a London based photographer (http://www.markmawson.com/).  These photos are from his Aqueous Electro and Aqueous Fluoreau series and they are just mesmerizing beautiful.  They might only be water and coloured ink but I could stare at them for hours...

He's also done a short movie.  The link's here:


A couple of little drawings of Natalia from the photoshoot the other day (in pen and watercolour pencil):

And one of me:

Purple Hair

I dyed my hair the other day.  Came out pretty nice I think :)

It took ages to get the picture right after multiple stupid looking myspace-esque photos.  And just spent 15mins trying to get rid of the dark line on the left on photoshop but it's not happening.  I'll work that out another time.  But the pink lipstick really works and upping the contrast and brightness has really brought out the colours.  Nice.

Friday, 1 June 2012

Julija Simkute Photography

Today my friends and I went back to my abandoned factory to do a photoshoot.  My friend Natalia Kamińska and I modelled while Julija took these amazing photos.  She's so talented:

(my favourite)

(My favourite of Natalia, she's stunning)


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