Monday, 30 April 2012

Street Art Characters

I've just come across street artist called Filthy Luker who's done a series called 'Street Life' where he turns street furniture and old junk into hilarious characters simply by adding eyes (and/or a mouth)


Friday, 27 April 2012

Staple Drawings

 These are amazing as they are from a distance

But even more amazing when you see the close ups and realise that they are in fact 'drawn' with a staple gun - brilliant

By artist Baptiste Debombourg

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Monday's Ramble Finds

OK so I got ahead of myself on my last post.  We went urban exploring on Monday too you see.  It was a somewhat emotional journey through fear, wonder, peace and shock.  Here's where we went and what we found:

This chair was on the site of an old factory that has been mostly demolished

There is also a flooded basement under this site which I NEED to go back to (with wellies...and a torch).  The entrance:

After the rest of the group had left, 5 of us continued our wander.  We somehow managed to find ourselves in a wood, part of Manchester City Council's Irk Valley Project.  It was very bizarre somehow seeming to be in the middle of the countryside.  

This next sequence of scenes are in order of how they were revealed to us.  Just scroll down, look at each one, think about how it makes you feel then scroll down to the next.  Your feelings won't be far from ours when we found what we did:

Horrendous, and so unexpected.  It really haunted me.

These were my other finds, much nicer I promise.

We almost missed this shrub decorated with pompoms:

In the wall of a caravan yard:

 A live marmoset monkey in a window, perched on top of a weird statue:

  Amazing we spotted it really.  It was quite high up and tiny.

And some interesting street art (looked like tree fungus I thought):

And that's it for now.  We've each chosen a topic to explore and have to produce a journal and some kind of installation to conclude.  I've chosen 'fear' because the emotional and physiological reactions these places induce really fascinates me.  Will keep you posted.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

More Urban Adventures

This evening I went back to some of these lost, abandoned  places in Manchester with a few of my course mates.  It was pretty terrifying but we were well rewarded for our bravery/stupidity with incredible views and the wonders of witnessing decaying architecture from within its skeleton.  These are some of my pictures, unedited.  I also recorded the entire venture into the first building on a dictaphone.  I'm listening back to the whole 38mins of it now.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Urban Rambling

Photos of Manchester's forgotten places taken from my very first urban ramble on Wednesday.

These first few are from under one of the raised railway lines that cuts through the city:

I loved the textures of the creeping plants against the brickwork here, and upped the contrast to show it off:

Bunting made out of what looks like bin bags.  Someone have a birthday down here maybe??

A graffiti owl hiding under one of the arches.  The original is very colourful but I liked this effect on the photo:

It was pretty scary manoeuvring myself onto this old abandoned bit of railway line across a deadly drop but SO worth it:

On these ones I've experimented with upping the colour saturation to show off the colours in the rust.  The texture's also fantastic:

This wall caught my eye because of the different streaks of colour created by the damp and rust over the years:


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